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Facial Recognition searching different drive to Manager

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  • Facial Recognition searching different drive to Manager

    I have a trial copy of ACDSee (photo Studio Ultimate 2022) installed to try as a replacement for Picasa which, after many years of service, is not working well with windows 11

    I have Windows and all of my programs installed on C:/

    OneDrive/Pictures – the folder I wish to link ACDSee is at A:/OneDrive/Pictures.

    C:/ and A:/ are partitions on the same SSD

    I also have a backup of OneDrive on a separate internal HDD – R:/

    ACDSee works fine in managing the files on A;/ BUT insists on running facial recognition on R:/ NOT on A:/.
    If I try to change anything in the Facial Recognition address list, all options are greyed out

    I could live with this anomaly except that, when I try to open an image with the face recognised, the program says that it cannot find the file - I assume because it is looking in the A:/ drive

    Since Facial Recognition is the main reason that I used Picasa previously, this is obviously not what I want.
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    Is your R drive excluded? Scanning Destination in Manage Mode is to specify where photo scan imports are going I believe, not what drives ACDSee scans for images. ACDSee will scan all drives and folders that aren't excluded.
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