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    Originally posted by Scott C View Post
    I see 100% of the faces in the "Show Face Thumbnail" tab, it is the "Show Source Thumbnail" which is missing 90% of the thumbnails.
    Oh, I haven't seen that before. My experience early on was with missing face thumbnails, not missing source thumbnails.

    Begs the question. "In Manage mode, if you select one of the people involved in the Catalog Tab/People, it should show all the thumbnails of images that have that persons face in them. Does it do that, or are some of those thumbnails blank"?.

    In people mode (named), when you look at a particular person, it shows a number on the face thumbnail. That is the number of images that persons face appears in.
    If you double click on the face, it should take you to all of the face thumbnails for that person, and the number of faces in the status bar at the bottom should match the number mentioned previously. And if you select "Show source image thumbnails" it should show that number of source image thumbnails - obviously in your case a fair percentage of these are not showing properly.

    Back in Manage mode, if you select the same person in the Catalog Tab/People section, then the count of the number of thumbnails shown will at the left end of the status bar, and it should be the same number as was shown in the People mode, I think it may be important to establish whether all of those thumbnails are present in Manage mode.

    If I embed the metadata and then rerun the face detection (from scratch), will it use that metadata when considering faces?
    No, I don't believe so. The reason for embedding the metadata is so that if the database has to be rebuilt at any time, a Tools/Database/Catalog files will read all of the metadata, including the face metadata, back into the new database and thus saves having to start from scratch again.

    I think this issue ought to be raised with ACDSee Support.


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      Sorry for the delay, just realized I didn't tell it to send me emails when I signed up (fixed now).

      With a person selected in Manage mode, I see 100% of the thumbnails.

      In People mode, the number in the lower right corner matches the number of faces (when double clicking the person) and that matches the number of source images shown (with many being questioin marks rather than the actual photo)

      Back in Manage mode, some interesting findings. For many of the people I cross check, the number of photos for a person in Manage mode matches the People mode (and all of them have question marks in the source photo spots). However, I do have some people who have a a bigger number in People mode vs Manage mode. In one case it was just a difference of one but had about half the source pictures with question marks (I mention in case you have an idea that I might be able explore - that person has 216 or 217 images). Another person had 4 more in People mode (476 vs 480 and again, lots of questions marks in place of source photos). In the other extreme, the really big numbers (the four of us in our core family) seem to be off by a fair amount. My wife either has 12,863 photos or 13,294. I am in 6,905 or 6,785. So of the 28 people tracked, 6 are off between Manage and People.

      Probably more data than you wanted, but I appreciate the thoughts.

      I have contacted Customer Support. They have started working with me, but so far no suggestions, still just asking questions.



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        Originally posted by Scott C View Post
        Probably more data than you wanted
        No, the more information the more chance there is of identifying the problem.
        One question I should have asked. If you select the dashboard , and then the database tab, what are the counts for orphan files, and orphan folders?

        I have contacted Customer Support. They have started working with me, but so far no suggestions, still just asking questions.
        When they have solved the issue, can you please post back with the details of what was done to overcome it, in case someone else posts with the same issue.


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          Originally posted by Scott C View Post
          ... I do have some people who have a a bigger number in People mode vs Manage mode.
          On a first quick check I would have said that wasn't happening here, however I had a couple of people where the face icon in people showed a count of 999+. In one such case (the person was my grand daughter), the status bar in people showed a count of 2902, but the status count bar when I selected her in manage mode showed only 2881. So it has happened here !

          Having this afternoon gone through the 2881 photos individually I have found the answer as to why the counts differ (at least here). It seems there is enough similarity between my daughters face and her daughter (my grand daughter) that in a number of cases where they were in the same photo, ACDSee had labeled both faces with the grand daughters name (and I've obviously been a bit slack checking). Now that I have corrected those 21 images, the counts now match.

          I have another person appearing in 903 images that showed a count in People of 916. I've been through that lot as well. The problem was in a number of old scanned black and white junior school class shots where several children had been tagged with the same name. That is not uncommon, and I have had to remove some of these in the past. The ones in this case were right near the outer edges of the image, so I probably zoomed in to remove some, and missed the ones near the edge. The count is now 903/904 so obviously I've not got them all. I will have to go through them again later.

          It would be great if there was a search routine that could find images where a named person appeared twice in the same image. I might have a look at whether I can do this with Exiftool.

          Incidentally, I did find today a photo where ACDSee had correctly identified the person, but also a relatively small photo of him on a wall that was in the shot. Rather impressive!
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            Thanks for the dashboard hint, didn't know how to determine the orphan status. I had 951 files and 0 folders. Now fixed with database optimization, and the question marks are gone. Now to be sure, the orphans could not have led to the question marks since there were 10,000+ question marks but something in the optimization fixed the question marks.

            The number mismatch totally makes sense and definitley happening on my end as well. I guess I will add that to my list of things to do. Good thing I retired 2 years ago!

            Thanks for all your help, it has been very enlightening.