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HTML Album Creation - Feature Request

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  • HTML Album Creation - Feature Request

    ACDSee Photo Studio is great. I first used the software package way back in the 3.0 days and I actually still have my 3.0 license code. One feature I loved back in the day was the ability to create HTML pages. It was the easiest, slickest, coolest way to make pictures available at the time.

    I recently upgraded to Ultimate 2022 and I love the new features like facial recognition and batch file rename, however I was surprised to see that HTML Album Creation has not changed much. While there are 9 templates available they all have the same basic look and feel. They all display the image details below the thumbnail with the same header and footer options. While you can remove the headers and footers you can not remove the image information from being displayed any of the templates.

    My suggestion would be to please give some love to HTML Album Creation.
    - Create new more modern Templates
    - Have at least one template that does not display the photo info until you hover your mouse over the image
    - More template options in general, maybe even allow users to create their own templates
    - The ability to move pictures around in the album before it is published
    - The option to create thumbnails with or without boarders on all templates
    - Have a template with a splash page or a header image (Large image on top of the page with the thumbnails below)
    - Option to space the pictures apart. To bunch them together side by side or put space and/or boarders between the pictures
    - Have the ability to create pages with video, either to download or to stream
    - Option to link to external sites like Youtube

    Then again, maybe I missed something and just need to re-read the manuals. Either way, keep up the good work and I look forward to see what comes next.