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    It takes some time to get used to the search functionality. I am a long time customer of ACDSee, now been away from the tool for almost a year. The search functionality really bugs me.

    In Manage mode, use the arrow in the catalogue folder to search for pictures. Not a problem there. You then got the setting "Match All" or "Match Any". I got no problems here. Then you got the Filter, Group and Sort. Fine with that.

    Then my big issue. Under Catalog, I got something called Place, where I have developed a structure. It is easy for a selected location or place. But, if you want to search for all pictures without a "Place". How do you do that? You can't. This principle applies and problem applies to all Categories and Keywords. Yes, I do know, the possibility to search for pictures without any categories.

    Any advice?

    ACDSee Ultimate 2022

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    What I'd do is search for images with a given keyword, category etc. and add a check mark. Any other files in whatever folder without a checkmark is missing that keyword, category, whatever then you can sort on the check mark, select all the non-checked files and assign that keyword/caregory, then you can uncheck all remaining files. Not ideal, but gets the job done. You can also group by category as a way to sort things.
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      Originally posted by mogle View Post
      ..Under Catalog, I got something called Place,...
      I too have a listing of commonly used places (as keywords) under a parent "Places" keyword.
      So by selecting the parent "Places" in the keywords section of the Catalog Pane, all images that have one of these place names are shown.
      Ctrl+A to select them all, then click on Tag (Puts a tick on all the thumbnails).

      Now from the bottom of the catalog pane select Image Well. Shows all "images" in the database.
      Use Filter untagged. Display is limited to those images that don't have a places keyword.

      The downside with this work around is firstly once done with it, I have to change the filter to Tagged, select the tagged images and toggle the tag off. That is not so bad, but it leaves the embed pending flag set on all the images that were tagged, so I also have to clear the embed pending flags.

      The other issue is that Image Well only shows images, and not videos, so the above only applies to images.
      The search capability of ACDSee could certainly use a lot of improvement
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