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How to Backup Settings

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  • How to Backup Settings

    hi, people asked about backuping database but i wanna know if there is for user settings. i dont want database backup i just want the settings i have.

    can you make this feature in your future releases? import/export settings would be awesome.

    also what database mean? thumbnails? i find that feature is useless since windows have already thumbnail cache so why would acdsee use that one instead of creating thumbnail cache bigger than 1GB?

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    I agree with you, this is a major missing feature. For what I have found :
    • options, workspaces, tabs ?
    • in registry HKCU main key
      • metadata presets
      • export definitions
    • in AppData/Local are stored :
      • lens corrections (xml)
      • actions (acda and json)
      • batch renames (json)
      • development presets
      • main development tabs
      • saved searches
    In many cases path depend upon ACDsee version/release