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Lost "Second Monitor" Window from Manage View Menu Command

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  • Nad Noselrub
    Greyfox Thank you for your reply. Just back from vacation. Looking behind the Taskbar was a good suggestion, but it's not hiding there either as I tried auto hide and closing all add-ins and applications except ACDSee PS Ultimate 2022. I am used to dialog boxes going off screen where ALT+TAB will show that they exist and I can select and then maneuver them (unseen) with Alt+{Spacebar}. However since the "2nd Montitor" is not an app I can't select them or control them with the keyboard. It is hard to believe I am the only one experiencing this Anyone?

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  • Greyfox
    Nad Noselrub

    I only have two monitors, and I have experienced two circumstances in which ACDSee U2022's "second monitor" display. becomes hidden..

    In its reduced size form (not double clicked to make it full screen) it can often wind up underneath another app's open "window" on the second monitor, in which case just shifting focus to the ACDSee app on the main monitor generally exposes it.

    But in its reduced size form it can also be moved down behind the task bar (if the task bars are not set to auto hide), and if that occurs the only way I've found to expose it is to temporarily move the task bar. Restoring to a saved custom workspace doesn't reset its position, nor does disabling and re-enabling it in ACDSee's view menu (or Toggling ALT+F5)..It also remembers it's position through the restart of ACDSee.

    Other than the above circumstances, which also apply to other applications, I haven't experienced any other situations where the ACDSee "second monitor" pane goes missing.
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  • Lost "Second Monitor" Window from Manage View Menu Command

    This happened with ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate version 2021 and now in 2022. At first in both versions the "Second Monitor" feature worked great. I like it a lot. But after moving it or the ACDSee app among my 3 monitors (2021) and my 4 monitors (2022) the "Second Monitor" window vanishes. This is not uncommon with other Windows apps, but with other apps one can select it in the task bar, and although it cannot be "seen" on any screen, one can use Restore, Move, and direction keys to bring the window into view. However, with the ACDSee "Second Monitor" it cannot be selected apart from the main application. I expect that others are having this issue. Is there a way to get this "Second Monitor" to be positioned on a viewable screen?