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  • Adobe DNG HDR


    I used Lightroom to create a few photo stacked "hdr" files. I noticed when I look at that directory in ACDSee, I get LR icons instead of an image. Is there something special about the hdr dng file that ACDSee can't use?

    Just wondering if this is normal or not.

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    Hello jkolker,

    Personally, I use EasyHDR for HDR processing and save the processed photos as JPG or TIFF and have no problem viewing these processed photos in U2022.


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      I assume the answer is yes as I too had a few HDR images created with LR 6 and had the same problem


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        When looking at my DNG files in ACDSee U2022 they are all pixelated. Looks like ACDSee only uses the preview, also in full screen. They have not been created with LR, but ACDSee seems to have an issue with DNG files in general. I assume there is no embeded preview in your DNGs, thus AcdSee displays them with the LR icon.
        You may want to try exporting/converting them to see if ACDSee displays them correctly.

        Same here with HDR DNG LR files, just tried it.
        BTW: same with generated Tiffs from Star tracing app.

        There is still room for improvement for ACDSee in its core discipline of handling picture files..... Since ACDSee does not recognize these files as picture files when double-clicking them, ACDSee aks for an external viewer to open them .....

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2022-06-27 103519.png Views:	0 Size:	12.3 KB ID:	61007
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          I don't have this problem:

          Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir en taille réelle   Nom : 		DNG JPG.jpg  Affichages :	0  Taille :		44,1 Ko  ID : 			61009

          Wouldn't there be a filter that excludes the display of certain photo formats?

          Please lok at this :
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            That's not the point Framon. The point is that ACDSee does not understand ALL DNG files. It understands some, but not all, which it should.
            The mentioned files are displayed in Windows Explorer correctly and can be opened by Windows Photo Viewer.
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              Sorry if I didn't understand the meaning of jcolker's question correctly.
              I am a French speaker and tried to help...


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                Hi, I always convert my raw files to dng before using them U2022. My pictures display correctly (but they are not stacked).


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                  Seems like ACDSee cannot handle files correctly if they are created by other apps (which might add custom information).

                  brajaq offtopic: might be worth a read, I just stumpled upon


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                    Any chance of providing a file transfer link to one of these Lightroom stacked HDR DNG images?


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                      Greyfox just sent you the link


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                        Originally posted by popman View Post
                        Greyfox just sent you the link
                        Thanks popman. Great photo.

                        It opens nicely in Affinity Photo Develop Persona, and in Luminar 4 (though I feel with slightly subdued colors), and also in Windows 10 Photos..

                        It doesn't open in ACDSee U2022, and also doesn't open in the current versions of Topaz Sharpen AI, Denoise AI, or Studio 2 (all show as Unknown error)

                        However if I run it through Adobe DNG Converter ( the resultant DNG image then opens in all of the above, including ACDSee U2022, so for the moment the would be my suggested workaround.

                        Definitely worth raising a support ticket and sending them a copy of the image.


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                          It doesn't really affect me, but I opened a Ticket, thanks Greyfox.
                          jkolker : you may open a ticket, too to give it more attention.


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                            Just a short heads-up: support has confirmed the issue and forwarded to the developers.


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                              Thanks for that. I've been away for a bit. I will look into that.