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Ultimate 2023: Embed Metadata Preset - Face Labels???

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  • Ultimate 2023: Embed Metadata Preset - Face Labels???

    An opportunity missed in this upgrade, I feel!!!

    Having watched the upgrade workshop, I was delighted to see that People (from facial recognition) are now included in the advanced search options. I assumed, perhaps foolishly, that this data would now be available in the Metadata pane and could be copied using a preset to the |IPTC data in the sidecar file, but I was wrong.

    Major disappointment.

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    Hoping that someone from ACDSee might comment on this.


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      Hi AliGW,

      Adding people to the Properties pane, and being able to access the data for metadata presets, are both things we have received feedback on before and we have wanted to add both of these for some time. Unfortunately, we simply didn't have the time this year to consider either of these features. I am sorry if the workshop gave you the wrong idea about this, and I hope the improvements we made to the Advanced Search pane will make it easier for you to search for people. I will forward your feedback to the ACDSee product team for further consideration in a future version of ACDSee.

      Tristan H.
      ACD Systems


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        Thank you.