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Ultimate 2023: Same old useless smart collections.

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  • Ultimate 2023: Same old useless smart collections.

    Disappointed to see nothing done to the smart collection. Why not take advantage of the excellent new advanced search? I know advanced searches can be saved but not arranged in sets like collections.

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    And what smart collections would you like to have that isn't there?


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      With a better search, like the advanced search. Instead of the old useless one.


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        I'm not alone in this view. Take a look at this thread, for instance:

        As MrSteveVee‚Äč I have used other photo editors and organizers like Lightroom, Capture One and Bridge. All of them have better smart collections. I was happy to discover ACDsee Photo Studio and leave Bridge for good. It's better at nearly everything, except smart collections. After the criticism I expected improvements for the 2023 version, but nope. With the new excellent advanced search in place, it should be no problem to finally improve the smart collection. Seems forgotten.


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          Saved advanced searches in the catalog pane are basically smart collections. Great that they are selectable like keywords, categories, ratings, labels etc. The only problem is that they can't be organized into sub-searches like keywords and categories, or into sets like the original smart collections (with the useless searches). The list of searches quickly grows too big. So allowing the advanced searches to be organized like keywords and categories would be a great solution that would make the original smart collections redundant. But wouldn't hurt if their searches were updated to the new advanced search either. Only me wanting this and no developers reading?


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            Maybe it is my unfamiliarity with LR Collections I still don't understand the issue. Categories and Keywords can be searched with a single click, perhaps give can us an example of what you are unable to do? How many complex searches do you save that would require keywording (iow searching searches) ?
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