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Nik Viveza now works with ACDSee Ultimate

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  • Nik Viveza now works with ACDSee Ultimate

    I have tested the DXO Nik Collection 5 with ACDSee Ultimate 2023 and am happy to report that all plugins work in edit mode, except for Perspective FX (select plugin but nothing happens). This includes Viveza, which has never worked with Ultimate. DXO has updated the interface on the majority of their plugins, and before Nik Collection 5 this new interface did not work with ACDSee. Interestingly enough I also tested Viveza with Ultimate 2022 and it worked there as well, so this appears to be a DXO fix. There were complaints about the new interface for the Nik Collection not working with Affinity, so my guess is that since so many people use the Nik plugins with Affinity that DXO decided to address this, which also benefits Ultimate. Note that the ACDSee website has not been updated indicating this support.

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    Hi Tom,

    It's always nice to hear from you. Thanks for reporting this, I'll look into it.




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      Unfortunately, I have an update regarding Nik Collection 5.2. When 5.2 is installed, I can now only see the following plugins in Ultimate: Dfine2, HDR Efex Pro2, Perspective Efex, Sharpener Pro 3, and Viveza. Tried pointing to different folders, etc but no luck. I submitted a ticket to DXO and they simply say that they don't support ACDSee Ultimate, so won't be looking at this. My suggestion is to stick with Nik Collection 5.1 and don't upgrade to 5.2.


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        Just an update to this thread. I have installed a trial of the new Nik Collection 6 and it has the same issues as Nik Collection 5.2 above. Too bad. Not sure what they changed between Nik Collection 5.1 and 5.2 but clearly they don't see it as a bug and DXO won't be fixing this.


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          Sorry. I don't think ACDsee is keeping up with the Adobe photoshop plugin specifications anymore. Were lucky that some of the DXO plugin still work in ACDsee. Also, I doubt that DXO will provide a compatible version for ACDsee. They're focused on the bigger market.


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            I agree that DXO will not provide support for ACDSee. A couple of years ago I made a request, and in the forum users can vote on the request. There were 2 votes, so can't blame DXO for not providing support. It does appear that the photoshop plugin specifications have changed.


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              Sad to say the lack of support for Nik is one of the reasons I continue to use Affinity Photo for my creative work. Shame, there's so much to love about edit mode in Ultimate.


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                Personally, I've never been a fan of Nik Collection.
                However, I seem to remember that a few years ago, this software was available as standalone. Maybe that was back when Google was giving it away for free...
                If I understand the various contributions correctly, it can now only be used via plug-ins?
                Given its price, that's a shame!‚Äč


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                  Nik Collection can still be used as standalone apps. Each app is available from the start menu on my PC.

                  It's a very powerful tool with excellent filters and recipes. Its control point tools make masking a very easy task. I don't often have the need to use it, but when I do, I get results that I can't achieve with any other software without spending hours fiddling with around with curve and other setting. ...Just my personal experience.
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