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Easy Geotagging without GPS in camera

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  • Easy Geotagging without GPS in camera

    My camera does not have a GPS and I geotag most of my pictures.

    I used to remember the places where pictures have been taken and drop pictures onto the ACDSee map when at home. This is a burden and, if done a few days later, does not work (often forgotten precise location).

    Below is ok for Windows PC and Android phone. I do not know for Apple world.

    I now :
    • synchronise times (and time zones) of PC, phone and camera
    • Use Geotracker on the smartphone to track GPS during picture taking. Track is stored in a .gpx file on the smartphone
    • when home, connect the phone to the PC (USB, ...) and transfer gpx file to PC
    • shutdown ACDSee (very important)
    • transfer pictures from camera to PC (in my case : convert to .dng)
    • Use Geosetter on the PC (​)
      • open picture folder
      • select chosen pictures
      • sync those picture with gpx file (choose gpx folder), sync is done via time of picture vs time of gpx record (Modify/synchronise with GPS trace, or ^G)
      • Geosetter displays a map and the GPS coordinates for each picture
      • Modify/changes (^S) saves the coordinates into picture Exif metadata
      • I do not use Geosetter reverse geotagging because quite coarse an unprecise
      • Geosetter has several parameters (for instance where and what metadata are modified, ...)
      • close Geosetter
    • Start ACDSee
      • manage mode, add map tab, select picture folder
      • the geotagged pictures appear on ACDSee map
      • for each each geotag pin on the map : click on it and then click ACDSee reverse geotagging button
    • If you do not shutdown ACDSee before setting GPS coordinates into pictures : they are stored in ACDSee database without GPS coordinates and ACDSee does not reread them even if they have been modified, you have to exclude folder from database and add it anew which forces ACDSee to reread metadata.

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    Thanks for this tip which could be useful for my wife whose camera is not equipped with a GPS chip.


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      Thanks!!! I used that solution few times, but the thing now is that Geosetter crashes on my computer with big collections of images, seems that they haven't updated the app for years.
      ACDSee should include an option to do all those steps with their software, syncing a gpx with a collection. At the moment I use lightroom JUST to sync gpx file with the images, and I hate that solution


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        I agree. GPX files are easy to use (simple xml text files) and get time and GPS coordinates, write to exif. Then just use reverse geotagging already present in ACDsee.


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          You might split your pictures in smaller folders to geotag, then group them again.