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Topaz PhotoAI - DNG Suddenly NOT Recognised

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  • Topaz PhotoAI - DNG Suddenly NOT Recognised

    I am completely flummoxed. I installed Topaz PhotoAI this morning and successfully processed three RAW (.ORF) images using the default output settings and they open in Ultimate fine. Now, suddenly, using EXACTLY the same settings in Topaz, processed files appear as in the screenshot and will not open. This happens even with images that I had previously processed.

    Does anyone use Topaz software and has had this issue? What could suddenly have changed? What might I have done to stuff this up?

    Click image for larger version

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    I've been using Topaz products for years, and Photo AI pretty much since its inception, (currently on version 1.0.10.)

    Whilst I could use it to develop RAW images, and export as DNG, it isn't my normal practice to use PhotoAI that way
    That use with AutoPilot can result in very large files as shown by some images processed today.

    A Canon EOS R5 8192 x 5464 .CR3 RAW image has a file size of 53.5MB. The processed DNG is 256.1MB
    A Canon Powershot G7 5472 x 3648 .CR2 RAW image has a file size of 25.3MB. The processed DNG is 111.6MB
    A Sony SLT-A57 4912 x 3264 .ARW RAW image has a file size of 16.3MB. The processed DNG is 92.2MB.
    A OM-1 5184 x 3888 .ORF RAW image has a file size of 17.3 MB. The processed DNG is 115.4MB.

    But that said, all the DNG's above open correctly in ACDSee U2023.

    It would seem your DNG is not being seen as a supported format by ACDSee, which would suggest it is in some way perhaps corrupted.
    Have you tried rebooting your PC, and trying the process again?.
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      I rebooted, I reinstalled Topaz, no go - I uninstalled Topaz and got a refund.

      Thanks anyway.


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        I have had the same thing happen intermittently. Mostly the Topaz dngs open in ultimate OK but sometimes they do not. A workaround is to save your RAW as a JPEG before editing in Topaz AI. In that case it is important to use a copy as Topaz overwrites the original JPEG whereas with RAW files it saves the resulting file as a separate one.


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          Thanks, but as I said, I got a refund - won't be using software that is that unreliable.