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  • Font Size in properties and catalog panel

    I gave ultimate 2023 a trial, but I don't see an option to increase font size in panels like catalog and properties. Do I miss something? Is there (still, same as in previous versions) no possibility to change font size? Sitting in front of a 4k monitor these panels are hardly readable for me. And no, I don't want to adapt my general scaling changing the font size for all my applications.

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    Hi, Maxi.

    Find the .exe file for 2023 - generally in C:/Program Files/ACDSee Systems/ACDSee Ultimate/16.0/.... and right click it. Click on 'properties' then on the 'Compatibility' Tab. At the bottom click on 'Change high DPI settings'. There are various options. The one that worked for me is 'High DPI scaling override' at the bottom where there are three options. I use 'Application'. Play around with the various DPI settings until you get what you require. Hope that helps!


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      Change the scaling on Windows 10. Right click on windows home screen and select display settings look for the scale settings, if you are on a 4K it will probably be set at 300% change this to (say) 200% everything will get larger (icons etc) when you run AcDsee it will detect the scale size and your texts etc will all be larger


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        Maxi said that he doesn't want to adapt the general scaling setting. Using the High DPI scaling override will modify the scaling for each application on an individual basis.


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          I followed StepHock's recommendations with the intention of making it easier for my tired old eyes to cope with ACDSee's tiny text. But, when I eventually reached the part where Window's Settings greeted me with the warning that custom scaling is "not recommended," I (being timid) stopped and backed out. I'm still willing to plunge ahead and give it a try but I thought I'd first ask: Can anyone else who has tried this share their experience? / problems? / failure? / success? What is the risk? Thanks, Reeka


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            Hi Reeka. If you followed my instructions, you shouldn't be on the Window's Settings Page. You must locate the .exe file for the ACDSee version you are using, and right click on that... (see above). In answer to your question, I have used this with a number of programs, and it works extremely well. And as you are not messing with the system settings, it's an easy job to return the app to the way it was.


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              Thanks, StepHock. I'm trying to follow your directions but obviously missing something. At the point where you say 'High DPI scaling override' at the bottom where there are three options. I use 'Application'. I am then not presented with an opportunity to play with DPI settings unless I also tick the box for "Use this setting .... for this program ...." along with "Open Advanced scaling settings." It's at this point that I'm sent to the DPI options on the Window's Settings Page. Any ideas? (Ultimate 2022, Windows 10)
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