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switching from windows to IOS

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  • switching from windows to IOS

    Is Acdsee Mac 9 comparable to Ultimate 2022?

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    You meant to say macOS I assume. I use ACDSee all the time on windows for 10+ years. Occasionally use it on one of my macs and it drives me crazy. It kind of looks like ACDsee but kinda sucks. Grab the trial and test drive it before making a donation. YMMV.


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      I frequently use both. The Mac version is pretty full featured, but the PC version is in general more advanced than the Mac version. For instance, the PC version will display selected information in the thumbnail tile, while the Mac version only displays the currently selected thumbnail at the bottom of the screen, making it difficult to scan the data for multiple photos at a time. Also, because the Mac does not have Edit mode, it will NOT read any photos in the ACDC format, making it difficult to work with files changed non-destructively in the PC version. On the other hand, the Mac version RAW decoding is much better with less distortion than the PC version for certain cameras, particularly Sony. The Mac version also combines the Category/Keyword assignment trees with the search, making it easier to use. On the Geek scale, the Mac wins because its database is based on the open source SQLLite, and is easily readable by third party database utilities which can be used to create all kinds of searches. The PC version seems to be a locked down version of FoxBase that is inaccessible outside of the ACDSee.

      All in all, I'd rate the PC version as an 9/10 and the Mac version as a 7.5/10.


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        Originally posted by Clwpaddler View Post
        Is Acdsee Mac 9 comparable to Ultimate 2022?
        I don't believe you can convert the Windows database to suit the Mac Program, so you should consider embedding the Acdsee metadata in the images themselves (or in xmp sidecar files).


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          Like Greyfox says. You can export keywords and categories, then import them into the Mac version. For the rest your best bet is to embed the metadata into the photos, then catalog them in the Mac versi0on. They come over pretty cleanly.