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Feature request - remove metadata before emailing

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  • Feature request - remove metadata before emailing

    I use Ultimate 2023 and I often need to send photos to other third parties but for privacy reasons I don't always want to include all the metadata - especially geolocation information - with the photo that I'm sending. Obviously I don't want to change the original photo in any way (e.g. its size or metadata) , Can an option be included to remove metadata before sending by email in the same way as the jpg parameters can be chosen and set? I note this can be done with the batch export feature, but not with the send by email feature.

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    You may export the images using your preferred file type and
    1. un-check "Keep Metadata" in the export preset
    2. or use Tools/Metadata/Remove on the exported images

    To more precisely manage meta data of exported images I prefer to use exiftool to add/update/delete certain meta data from the exported image files. A batch file with suitable options may be accessed as external editor. Requesting such an option from ACDSystems seems like trying to drain the Mississippi with a bucket to me.

    Btw. The "Metadata" section in the help file for the export function is nonsense.
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      Thanks Emil, but what I'm suggesting is to have the convenience of being able to remove metadata directly before sending an image without the need to re-save it and re-select it, as one can with changing image size, jpg compression and quality in the Options tab as part of the sending exercise. I appreciate that the Export feature can remove metadata, but it's not really a seamless operation to have to select the image, then export it to another folder/name, then select it again and then send by email ...


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        You may well wait until the cows come home for such a feature. It's much easier to learn to live with the stuff we are offered year after year then to wait for a specific feature.


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          Don't be put off by the negative noise: unless we say what we want, the devlopers won't know.


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            Just telling the truth.