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  • Optimizing Database Freezes

    The Optimize Database (Win 1, Ultimae v16.0.3.3188) seems to freeze at the Optimizing Thumbnails step. It's been like that for 20 hrs, and Task Manager shows 0 CPU 0 Disk action, though ACDSee doesn't say it stopped responding it's pretty stucked. Tried twice thinking it can take a bit of time, over 100,000 images, but 20hrs is a lot for "a few minutes"), so I killed the app each time but this can't be good for the database.

    Click image for larger version

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    Two things you can try, in no particular order, but first you need to close ACDSee. (Task manager if necessary)

    One is to move the following files from your database into a temporary folder.
    Thumb1.dbf, Thumb1,fpt, Thumb1,cdx
    Thumb2.dbf, Thumb2,fpt, Thumb2,cdx
    Thumb3.dbf, Thumb3,fpt, Thumb3,cdx

    Then restart. ACDSee, and try Optimize again. ACDSee will make new thumbnails as you browse through your folders.

    The other is to move all of the .cdx index files from the database into a temporary holding folder. Again ACDSee will build new index files when you open it.

    If either of the above solve your issue, you can then delete the files you moved into the temporary folder.
    I prefer to temporarily retain the files (rather than just deleting them in the first place) until the issue is solved.


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      Re: ACDSee will make new thumbnails as you browse through your folders.

      Thanks Greyfox for the suggestion; to be honest I was hoping to avoid that, making new thumbnails. Last time ACDSee rebuilt the thumbnails it took a week to get through the entire collection manually opening up every single folders! Not doing that, ACDSee went down to crawl speed, especially on any searches/queries to the point of being unusable; using Catalog in the background made the app nearly useless. Opening individual folders, I'd open it and then may as well gone out for coffee while the thumbnails were being rebuilt, it was that slow! I will try, but save the entire database into another folder first. Those 3 fpt files combined are nearly 14Gb, plus the dbf's, and cdx's. That will be for another day though, when I have a clean slate.
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        Correct, it does take time to rebuild the thumbnail files, and you basically can't use any of the manage mode functions whilst it is doing it.

        Rather than go through folder by folder, I force the rebuild by selecting each of the Special Items in turn. The one that takes the longest is Image Well so I have it do that overnight.

        Unfortunately IF the thumbnail files have an issue, it may be the only option, but of course there is no guarantee that is what your current issue is.

        Having ACDSee rebuild just the .cdx index files doesn't take long though.


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          Yes, CDX's is quick. I've deleted the Thumb*.CDX and ran the optimize database again. It quickly ran through the Thumbnail Optimization to 100% and froze. The CDX's were back, but had to kill the app. Maybe I'll ask support if they have any clue before I do the more drastic thumbnail rebuild, that was such a slow painful process last time.