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    Is it possible to simply rotate a video using this software?

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    Do you mean like flip the image upside down? or rotate the image 90 degrees? No, iI'm pretty sure you can't do that. You will need a more sophisticated and more expensive video editor for that.
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      I haven't really used Video Studio much tbh as I don't really need it but it came free with the 360 package. I was just very surprised that such basic functionality isn't in the software, it was simply to rotate a home video to be sent to some friends, it had been shot on a DSLR in portrait but the video had been recorded as landscape.

      In the end I found that the free VLC media player could do it for me.

      It seems bizarre that a program sold specifically for editing videos can't do this rather basic thing. I mean Windows Movie Maker could do this 10 years ago!



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        I have Adobe Premier elements and Serif video editors and neither can rotate video through 90 degrees. Being a photographer I once took a video of a waterfall in Wales holding the camera in portrait mode, A waterfall is tall right so it would suit a photograph in portrait mode. I have never lived it down, it still gets a laugh in my family that my waterfall video shows the water fall running horizontally. i dont think video cameras are designed to be held in the portrait mode.
        I may be wrong.


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          In the end I used VLC media player. Free - google it was very easy.

          Since then I bought Camtasia it rotates no problem

          I used Adobe Premier for many years and it can rotate a video without difficulty not sure if 'elements' is a cut down version that can't but googling it shows plentyu of people saying it can


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            Hi John,

            Video Studio 2 does not support rotation of images and videos. Video Studio 3 (to be released this month) will have this functionality.

            ACD Systems


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              I bought Camtasia since then.