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Feature request - Template & auto create videos

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  • Feature request - Template & auto create videos

    Hi all
    Creating videos on your mobile or tablet is getting more popular (at least amoung my friends and family) but I'm still a guy who prefer the bigger screen, my mouse and keyboard. But since so many are loving these video apps I have tried some out the last couple of weeks and must say they really works. So my request is simply add a wizard / auto function next to the more current advanced setup - so a user who prefer the quick way could get done the movie in seconds.

    An app to look at is Quik by GoPro.

    Thanks for listening.

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    swoop - Have you been using the latest version, Video Studio 4? You can edit videos just as easy as in GoPro Quik, but it also gives you more advanced features as well. I'm not sure why you want a trimmed down version of Video Studio 4 when you can do things just as quick in VS4 compared to Quik (ignoring the advanced options).