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Renaming folders on PC breaks Project File media file locations

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  • Renaming folders on PC breaks Project File media file locations


    I've renamed locations of where my project files are, however, it breaks the media locations when opening the project file and all the media files have "not found". Here is an example of my media files and location for a Project:

    <user>/Documents/Project1/<media files and project file> - This is original structure renaming to the following

    <user>/Documents/NewProject1/<media files and project file>

    My initial assumption was that the project file would dynamically reference media files in regards to its location. However, I don't think this is the case. When opening the project file it now says "file not found" for all the media files. I tried to change the "NewProject1" back to "Project1". This didn't fix the solution and they still show as not found. When I try to manually import one of the media files, it just creates a duplicate entry and doesn't re-recognize the original media file. This is a problem with any media files where I had multiple edits on a track because they don't load since the original media file is showing as not found.

    I would suggest at the very least to offer a right-click menu item on a missing media file and letting the user select the file location from a browse window.

    My original use case for doing this was that I wanted to move all my projects to an external drive. I was afraid this would cause all my project files to break if I did this. However, this is easily done by going to File -> Export as Zip. I can then store the Zip file anywhere and then do an Import of that Project later. But I would like to note this issue in case anyone else runs into it.


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    I don't suppose you ever found a solution for this, did you? I'm upset at having to re-edit my video because the source media got moved, as in your case. There doesn't seem to be a way to point VS4 at the correct file.