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old mpg import in wrong format 4:3 instead of 16:9 (JVC-Kamera)

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  • old mpg import in wrong format 4:3 instead of 16:9 (JVC-Kamera)


    im really frustrated right now, so I stop working and ask here.
    Im new to video studio and I wanted to start (after a long time just collecting things on my pc) to make some movies out of the videos pieces of my daugther. 10 Years ago we had a jvc camera, which had a strange format mod. I renamed them long time ago into mgp (tipps from google ;-). Sometimes we watch some of them with vlc media player which is showing the right format 16:9, so I didnt recognized the problem before.

    So Please could somebody help me? I google for half an hour without anything that helps me, beside the information that some user of jvc also have problem with wrong header information, but that allways in different software.

    What can I do? What ist the best solution?
    I have hundreds of videos and never made till now to make some nice videos. It makes me sad and it was basically the reason to buy acdsee video studio. For the first five years all videos have this problems, after that we have avi, ... and mp4 from iphone .

    Sorry for beeing kind of lost, and thanks