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  • text animation

    Hey, guys,
    Who knows how to animate text in the editor? Or how to fade from clip to clip? Thank you for your help.

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    Hi Doshin,

    Thank you for your feedback! In Video Studio 4, the only way to add text in any form is by using Captions. Through our current design, Captions cannot be combined with animations or transitions to give the text visual effects.

    I have notified the Video Studio Product Team of your comment and they will investigate it further.

    Dylan L.
    ACD Systems


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      Hello, Dylan,

      Thank you for the answer. I've been using simple video editors for a long time. But your program is very interesting for development. Besides text animation, you should do the following:
      1. On the editing track to make an overlay of one track to another, the stacks they came to each other for a penetrating effect.
      2. In the text editing section, you could place the text anywhere you wanted to make a coordinate grid similar to X and Y
      3. Ability to reduce and increase the brightness of frames at the beginning and end of the clip.
      4. Ability to increase and decrease the transparency on the tracks located above each other. The analog of the effect is written in 1 point.