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Can someone point me to the video tutorials?

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  • Can someone point me to the video tutorials?

    Feel I might have made a mistake coming over to ACDsee.
    There are hardly any tutorials on Youtube?
    I've found about 5

    Are they hosted somewhere else.
    I've watched the couple that are hosted on the ACDsee Community page.

    I'd love to see a few long workshops on the product.

    Not everyone has used a video editor before........

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    Youtube AcDsee chanel
    ACDSee is a industry leading photo editing and digital asset management software. We've been around for over 25 years, innovating and challenging what is possible within the photography world. Subscribe for tutorials, workshops, and all manner of creative content.


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      Yep, found that. But there is almost nothing on Video Studio
      This is one area where ACDsee is severely lacking.

      If you want to learn something new, or how to create an effect in.
      Lightroom, Affinity, Elements, On1, Photoshop........There are literally thousands of content creators with thousands of followers.
      I just don't understand ACDsee's attitude to not getting more content creators on board.

      It works two-fold. Advertising: Content creator followers might try the program. Repeat customers, upgrading when they see new features, or that the program is supporting it's customers!


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        Yes agree, I am new to the AcDsee world so not actualy looked on the video side yet. I subscribed to the AcDsee channel and noticed a new video notification came through today (for the image software) so hopefully they are gearing up for more and will release Video tutorials as well. Fingers crossed


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          can either of you guys tell me if video studio 3 allows you to grab a frame from the video


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            Hi BikerDaily,

            Unfortunately, Video Studio 3 does not give a direct way to capture a frame from within a video. The ability to take a screenshot of the Display Area was added in Video Studio 4. and is also available in ACDSee Luxea. This can be done by:

            1) Import the video you want to take a screenshot of into ACDSee Luxea
            2) Add the video to the Timeline
            3) Seek through the video to the desired frame
            4) Tools > Snapshot

            From here, you can save the screenshot to your desired location.

            Thank you,

            Dylan L.
            ACD Systems