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Using images with GIF extension in Video Studio 4

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  • Using images with GIF extension in Video Studio 4

    When I import an image with JPG extension Video Studio 4 allows me to change the duration. An imported GIF image can also be placed on the time line. However I can not change its duration.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    For example you may open an empty file with a photo editor, put some text and save that in GIF format with a transparent background (no background color). You place it on a track and it mix with your video, but only for less than a tenth of a second. In such a short time it is not worth to use transitions etc.
    How can I manage that?

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    Hi user-2,

    Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, Video Studio 4 does not allow you to increase the duration of GIF files. I would recommend changing the file type to JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP or HEIC, as these file formats allow you to increase the duration.

    I have forwarded your feedback to the Video Studio Product Team though, and they will investigate this further.


    Dylan L.
    ACD Systems