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  • Trimming clips

    If I look to the numbers along the ruler in the Time Line (the Zoom In/Zoom Out slider is set to Max. Zoom IN) then I read for example 0:04:30:00. Then after 15 lines (small stripes) I read 0:04:30:15.
    Again 15 stripes more to the right I expexted to read 0:04:30:30. However I read 0:04:31:00
    What is the thinking behind this?

    If I select a clip on the time line then I can trim its starting point and duration with the mouse.
    Is it possible to trim these two parameters with the keyboard (key+ arrow ?). Short cuts?

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    Hi user-2,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    The numbers you are reading on the Timeline can be deciphered as: (hours:minutes:seconds;frames). So in the example time you gave above, 0:04:31;00 can be read as 4 minutes, 31 seconds, and the 0th frame. Video Studio 4 supports editing projects at 30 frames per second, which is why you see the right-most counter increase from 28, to 29, then to 00.

    For trimming clips, there are no keyboard keys to directly accomplish this. However, some keyboard shortcuts you may find useful are:
    • Ctrl + Left/Right arrow keys --- Moves the playhead one frame to the left or right
    • Ctrl + Shift + S --- Split the selected clip into two separate clips
    You may also find the following link helpful for other keyboard shortcuts:


    Dylan L.
    ACD Systems


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      Thank you for your info.

      It may be worth to give your info about the deciphering of the ruler a place in the online Help Contents of Video Studio.
      I did already find the keyboard shortcut list but did not come across anything about trimming of clips.
      Personaly I prefer working with the keyboard because I experience making small steps/increments more comfortable.