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Produce and Share is slow, inflates file size

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  • Produce and Share is slow, inflates file size

    Hi folks, I'm having trouble getting my completed video out of VS4. Imported a single .mp4 file, 1920x1080, about an hour long, 175MB. Clipped out a couple of minutes here and there. Tried to "Produce and Share." After the first effort with default settings was going VERY slowly, I cancelled and tried reducing frame size and video and audio bitrates. Again, output proceeding VERY slow. Returned frame size to original, and decided to let it run. Almost three hours later I have a successful output, but it's a 300 MB .mp4 file. How do I 1) speed up the export and 2) successfully create a same-resolution or lower-resolution version without filesize inflation.

    Thanks in advance for any help.