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Random Play in Slide Show does NOT cycle all files

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  • Random Play in Slide Show does NOT cycle all files

    I have more than 100,000 images in one directory. When I watch a slide show, it cycles only 1-32,000. It never plays any data point above this. You can see the slide number on the gray bar while playing if you leave your mouse over it. ACDSee 15.

    And since in my travels, I am always adding new shots to the folder, I know the dates of each shot. And it does NOT Cycle my new photos, only the old ones in the first 32,000. If I change the order to Alpha, or some other sort, it will then cycle only THOSE 1-32,000. Never actually cycling to any other pictures in any order, above 32,000.



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    Seriously? A Month and nothing?


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      Sorry you have not had a reply but I suspect that most people here would be unable to answer your question given the significant number of images you have in one folder. I can only suggest you contact support.


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        I put this question to ACDSee Support. I have only 10.000 imagens and i have them In diferent folders according to the year I took them. Couple of Years ago I tried to sort them and ACDSee said, that each folder should have a maximum of .... ??? Pictures. since them i keep them in diferent folders. As soon as i get an answer i post it here.


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          Just a ping, to see if anyone reads this forum or actually knows anything here? I have emailed ACDsee, nothing there either. Their support post purchase is the worst in all the Earth.


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            As a long time user I must say that (at least historically) the ACDSee support have been fantastic. That is actually one of the reasons I've stayed with ACDSee. When I have had problems with for example Adobe products I've always got the feeling that they have just put me in a category and sent me the most obscure answers based on that category and not actually answering my questions. The ACDSee support on the other hand have given direct and personal response... And they have always discussed and finally solved the problems I have experienced.
            Now... That is how it has been... I've not had any contact with support lately. Things might of course have changed...But I still doubt that ACDSee have the worst support on Earth. ;-)


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              Are you seeing this issue in the slideshow (Tools | Slideshow) or in the Auto advance (View | Auto Advance).



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                I found out what the problem is. ACDSee uses the RND call which is an old 32 bit file limit of 32,000 images aka file names. They need to use the long integer call which has a much higher limit. I wonder if the new version has done this? Fast Stone viewer is what I use now. Much faster than ACDSee.


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                  It has been 7 years. I tried the newest copy of 2021. Just to see if they fixed this yet. No. And it is worse.

                  I have a folder with only 4,500 files. Way below the 32,000 RND limit. And I set auto random slide show.

                  It is NOT :random:

                  I set certain files with audio play content and put put enough of them in such that it should play ONE of them every 5 minutes. IF it was random.

                  Instead, THIS is what it does.

                  It plays 5 or 6 of them almost back to back. As if it is sequencing just a tiny range of numbers.

                  It plays several of the same images OVER and OVER.

                  I have watched it for 2 hour straight on 2 second slides testing this.

                  There are THOUSAND of images it will NEVER play in two hours and DOZENS which will appear 100s of times.

                  The audio files will either play 5 or 6 in a five minutes time and then NOTHING for 15-20+ minutes.

                  That is NOT "Random" that is some random number sequencer that then plays IN ORDER.

                  Because you can stop the slideshow and press the BACK arrow and SEE the same order.

                  A RANDOM generator would NOT have a QUEUE.

                  I like building long slideshows with embedded audio. ACDSee is the only slideshow good at THAT. But it is the WORST at Random.

                  Seriously, please. Use a REAL Random Integer? This is 2021 and you charge so much for so little.