I have plenty of Photo Discs (read only media) catalogued in my ACDSee 17 database, which I mostly use for browsing thumbnails by categories.

I always initially read all the metadata and thumbnails for each Photo Disc to ACDSee and the metadata (EXIF etc.) does show up normally at first, but after a while entire discs or folders of pictures in such Photo Discs lose their EXIF information in database unless inserting the disc again and forcing to re-read the metadata.

Is this clearing of metadata from database happening due to some automatic process in ACDSee, since for me it's more of a nuisance. For example: browsing categories with pictures from multiple discs and no metadata available would require all the Photo Discs to be inserted again just to get a quick look at the metadata shown on thumbnails.

I would prefer to keep all the metadata in the database indefinitely, if possible. I haven't noticed if it has anything to do with optimizing database or any such action but can't be sure either...