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  • Administrator Problem

    Seems every time I try to cut or move something within ACDSee, I get a message that tells me "I need to provide administrator permission." I am the administrator (and only one) on my computer so I don't know what the problem would be. I just switched over to Windows 10. But I am still shown as the Administrator. Is there somewhere in ACDSee that I need to change something because I couldn't find.

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    Originally posted by Norma View Post
    Is there somewhere in ACDSee that I need to change something?.
    Hi Norma - No, this is strictly a Windows issue. And, I have a milder version of the same annoying security nonsense. I wish I could tell you how to really fix it -- maybe some other users can jump in here and add some knowledgeable advice. The one trick that I know that does make a difference is to use the "Run as administrator" option when you launch the program. If you discover anything else, please post back with that info.


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      Sorry for the delay...would that "run as administrator" be in the tools section. I can't seem to find anywhere to check it out.


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        I am having the same problem. Whenever I try to delete a file I am told that ACDSee needs administrator rights. If I click Continue and then give Administrator rights the file is deleted. However it is most inconvenient to go through this every time. It worked properly yesterday I think. Does anyone have a solution?


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          Please see my post in another forum topic:

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