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Force MetaData Pending flag for all files

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  • Force MetaData Pending flag for all files

    I've just noticed that for a large number of my files, the metadata (particularly categories), has not been embedded into the file.

    If I select the option to embed metadata into all files ACDSee says all files are up-to-date - but I know they aren't.

    Is there an option to set the metadata-pending flag on all files so that the metadata is rewritten to all the files?

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    Go to "Options (ALT-O) - Database" and check the embedding option. Then go to view mode and select "image well" in the catalogue. Next select all files and mark/unmark them. This should set embed pending flag for all files.


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      Emil - Very clever. I usually flip a rating on/off, but your idea is better.


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        And I've worries once again. Why and when does AC fail to set the embed pending flag? I've read this several times since the embedding was implemented - and always hoped that this was caused by misuse. I really want to know, because we too count on this feature. If we can't be sure, that this feature perfectly works, we must stop re-cataloguing files with embedded meta data to renew our db.


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          I have never had embed pending fail to turn on. But, because I frequently use two copies of ACDSee at the same time (e.g. Ult-9 and Acd-19), occasionally I get the embed pending flag turned on by one program when the metadata has already been embedded in the other. That's the only time I would want to select several files and turn off the embed pending flag. The technique of embedding metadata and re-cataloging as needed has never failed me in over 10 years. Bottom-line, I have found it to be more reliable than trying to convert databases between ACD versions.


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            If just read a post in another forum a guy who had the same problems. He solved it by optimizing the db and restarting AC several times.