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  • Emil
    The style of overlay icons has been modified several times in the past. Here's a comparison of AC Pro v3/v6/v8 and v9:

    I think the way it is now is the best ever seen.

    However there's something I don't understand. Some time prior to v6 labels have been introduced in AC and now are displayed as horizontal lines under the images. Sometime later an overlay symbol has been added to quickly change the label. But this overlay icon only becomes visible whenever the mouse hovers the image. Why isn't this overlay symbol always visible to replace the horizontal line? Also the colours of the labels do not necessarily reflect the text of the label - there could be several label sets, which often turns the displayed colour to white. So why doesn't AC display the text of the label the way title attributes are displayed in html.

    V6 and v8 in the screen capture show customized rating symbols.
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  • LV_Bill
    Originally posted by mihkeltt View Post
    Is it possible to expand the thumbnail to the full bounds of the box and have all the icons overlay atop of the image?
    No. And, interestingly, that's the way it used to work -- icons on top of the thumbnails. I preferred that layout because I got more thumbnails per 'page' in Manage Mode. But, the Developers at ACD felt strongly that the icons on top of the thumbnails cluttered up the overall appearance of Manage Mode. And, in addition, that the overall industry direction was to remove the little icons from on top of the thumbs.

    So, beginning with Pro7, the current layout took over -- moving all the icons to the outside (top and bottom) and leaving the thumbnails clean and unobstructed. In looking back at Pro6 to write this response, I have to agree with the Developers -- the new way does look better, at least to my eye.
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  • mihkeltt
    started a topic Expanding the thumbnail

    Expanding the thumbnail

    Is it possible to expand the thumbnail to the full bounds of the box and have all the icons overlay atop of the image? Right now there's a whole lot of wasted space, especially for portait images.

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