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  • Canot set / assign a category

    I use Categories often and suddenly I can no long assign any image to a category. I can unassign an image but I can't assign it back to any category. When I try to click on the check box to assign, nothing happens, When something is already assigned to a category, I CAN click on the checkbox to unassign it. I can add and delete categories. I just can't assign any pictures to a category.

    Am using Acdsee 14, last build. (Yeah, I know, it's old but it works for me. Until now.) I feel like I encountered this problem a couple of years ago but can't remember the solution. I searched forums but nada. I've optimized the database, I've maintained it and pruned orphans and all offline folders, I applied pending embedded meta data, I rebuilt thumbnails and metadata. My hunch is that some database file is corrupted.

    Other than upgrading and hoping the conversion will fix the problem, anything else that I can do? My work flow is at a standstill and any clues would be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT #1: Using these instructions, I think I've confirmed that I have a corrupted database: "Create a dummy folder next to your actual database folder. Rename the folders so that the blank one becomes the active DB and the real DB has it's name slightly changed. Test start ACDSee again - it will automatically regenerate a new database. "

    I don't think upgrading and converting will fix the problem--I doubt the conversion program can read the corrupted database.

    What I'm looking for now is advice on how to fix a corrupted database I would have thought rebuild thumbnails and metadata would have fixed it. I suppose I have two options

    #1 Since I embedded my metadata, I suppose I could delete the specific database category files (which ones???) and let acdsee recreate them, and then I could repopulate using rebuild thumbnails and metadata.

    #2 Restore all database files from a backup point before the problem arose. A lesser option because I will lose some work.

    EDIT #2: This thread exists as a monologue and that's okay. I "messed around" with trying to delete some of the database files and I don't think that's going to work. I expect the files include indexes and links and messing with any part breaks many other parts. I think restoring from backup is my only option, and fortunately I use a cloud-based automatic backup (Crashplan) so all I had to do was pick a reasonable "clean" date. Restored about 600MB of data (not including thumbnail files) in a jffy, then copied necessary thumbnail files from my clean "Edit #1 corruption test" folder, fired up Acdsee, and voila! I can assign and unassigned categories again.

    I'm now embedding my metadata again (did it once but doing it again to be on the safe side), and then will rebuild thumbnails Since that takes a couple of hours (have 100,000+ files including videos), I'll report back when it's done on success or not.

    Main lesson learned from this experience: When the database is corrupted, it seems the only solution is go to a backup version.
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