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No preview of photo's on smartphone in ACDSee Pro 8 located on a 64GB micro SD card.

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  • No preview of photo's on smartphone in ACDSee Pro 8 located on a 64GB micro SD card.

    I do have a new smartphone, when i want to have a look at the SD card in my smartphone i don't see the large preview (as you can see in the attachmant)

    Looking at the folder you can see a "forbidden" sign, although i have uncrossed the external drives !!??

    Selecting a file you will find a property of 0 bytes i.s.o. the original volume !

    When i try to import the phone device i have the same problem: i only see the jpg button and not the thumbnail and the import date is only: 16/01/01 and not the modified date.

    Update 20160726:
    Looking at the properties of the SD card i see the filesystem is: Filesystem Hierarchy Standard - could this have to do with my problem ???

    Hoping for a final solution, regards


    20160725 ACDSee no preview.pdf
    20160726 ACDSee no preview.pdf
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    October 2016 - still no solution for this annoying problem !!!!
    I have a Elephone Vowney mobile phone
    When attaching my phone to my PC my phone is connected through: Camera (PTP) and you can see the phone WITHOUT a stations letter.
    On the Vowney device you can see in ACDSee Po 8 the forbidden sign and no preview of the pictures !!??

    Please help



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      Have you contacted tech support? This is a user to user site, and while ACDSee employees do read this forum, there is no guarantee that the right employee will read your post in a timely manner. It would be much better to submit a request through the tech support infrastructure. A well designed support infrastructure can catalog and forward requests to the appropriate people.