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How to import into my own sub-folder

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  • How to import into my own sub-folder

    When I try to use the Get Photo import function in v.8.x, ACDSee requires me to create a sub-folder for the files. But I already have a sub-folder , and I don't want another sub-folder added under the current sub-folder. Is there a way to prevent ACDSee from creating this new sub-folder so I can import directly into my own sub-folder?

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    jbclem - I see no one has responded to your post in 36 hours. That's probably because your question isn't very easy to understand. Perhaps if you explained what you mean a bit more clearly? Try answering the following questions.

    1. What version of ACDsee are you referring to? I'm guessing that you actually mean Ultimate 8.x? Or, did you really mean ACDSee v 8.1 from 2006?
    2. What is the "get photo" function you are referring to? Did you mean File > Import >From Device?
    3. Re: your subfolder question, you can Import images into any folder you chose. The folder of your choice can be specified in the Chose Destination field in the Import dialogue.

    Do these questions get to the point of what you were trying to ask? Or, have I misunderstood your issue?


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      Yes, it's 8.1 from 2005. You go File/Get Photos/From Camera or Card Reader and that takes you into an import window. You choose the device and then go to the Get Photos Wizard. You chose the file to copy, then destination folder on the Location line. Below that is the Create Sub-folder line. The problem is that when I chose the destination folder which includes a sub-folder that's already there, the Create Sub-folder line will automatically chose and create a sub-folder. So I end up with a sub-sub-folder which by default is titled with today's date. There is no way in the Create Sub-folder line to chose an existing sub-folder.

      My workaround was to put. in the Destination line, only the original folder. Then in the Create Sub-folder line I type in the name of the existing sub-folder. It seemed to find the correct sub-folder after that.

      So this is probably a non-issue now. Since this version is that old, the newer versions probably are a little more flexible.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Okay. I think I still have Acd 8.1 running on one of my test systems. I'll do some research on your 'Subfolder" question and post back.

        UPDATE: I tried the import function on an old Acd-8.1 version and immediately understood your question. With some playing around, I did find that if you delete the date as the suggested subfolder name and just leave it blank, that apparently tells ACDSee to skip the whole subfolder thing. AND, it remembers this "no subfolders" option from then on. I hope this is what you were looking for.
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          Thanks for the help, and I'm sorry to take so long to acknowledge it. Your suggestion is good and now I have two ways to accomplish my import.