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ACDSee pro 8 - synchronizing 2 computers to the same PHOTO directory.

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  • ACDSee pro 8 - synchronizing 2 computers to the same PHOTO directory.

    Because I travel a lot I sync a 2nd computer to my laptop that's always with me when I'm home.
    What's the best way to make sure they're synced?
    Can I drag some files from one computer to the other to sync things up or do I have to do something else?

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    An interesting question. By synced, I assume you mean something more than just duplicating the photos and any related XML files on both devices, I assume you want the database to be identical, as well (keywords, categories, presets, etc.)

    Part of the problem for ACDSee, is how much it uses the Windows Registry to store stuff like presets. That doesn't lend itself to normal casual transfers between machines, Also I'm assuming you will want to do this pretty regularly and it could go in either direction, (Computer A to Computer B is no more likely than is Computer B to A). Inexpert, casual exploration and modification to the Window registry is NOT recommended. Such heavy use of the Registry has served ACDSee well for many years, but frankly it is going to be problematic for meeting the future needs of users..

    Individual photos and even their XML files should be relatively easy. I haven't tried it, but I should think the recently added Microsoft OneDrive integration in Pro 9 could provide a useful synchronicity between the two machines. Depending on connection speed, it might even be suitable for permanent long term media storage..

    Alternately, using Pro 8, storing your photos and database on an external drive attached to your wireless router might be useful, or you could physically attach the external drive to each machine and that way.
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      Thanks for the reply.
      I've been off photography for almost a year and slowly getting interested again so I haven't used ACDSee in a while.
      What I have been doing is doing a DB backup and copy it to the 2nd computer and restoring that backup. ( I think, it's been a while)

      That seems to transfer all the cataloging info to the 2nd computer.
      Info like Landscape, portrait, seascape,location, etc, also ratings and labels.

      It seems to work just fine but I was wondering if there were an easier way.
      Since I use Photoshop for editing and ACDSee just to catalog retaining XML isn't an issue.

      If something else comes to mind let me know but from what you're saying I may be doing things the most efficient way, and I've only gone one way so far, Desktop to Laptop.