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Import & EXIF Date Daken for creating folders & filenames

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  • Import & EXIF Date Daken for creating folders & filenames

    I'm a new user so I’m still trying to figure things out.

    When importing, I see I have the option to select and create folders & filenames based on Date.

    My problem seems to be that the Date is the creation date rather than the Taken Date in exif.

    This is fine when I'm importing from the original device as the creation and taken date are the same. But if any copying, editing or moving of the files has taken place, the dates are replaced with that days date.

    This is messing up my folder organisation. I've got around it by using a 3rd party tool to reset creation date to exif taken date prior to import. But it's kind of annoying to use it before any import.

    I'm hoping that there is an easier, built in way in ACDSee that as a new user I haven't stumbled onto yet.

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    I don't think you need a 3rd party tool if I understand what you have written correctly. You can insert any Exif data into those fields (and search on any data as well) through the use of the Insert metadata button. A pop up appears that allows you to insert just about any data appended to the file or stored in the ACDSee database, via the "Choose Properties" pop up window.

    BTW, this last bit doesn't apply to the import process, but many of those date fields are editable from within ACDSee.

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks for helping me out.

      The filename is being handled correctly, (though I would like an option to NOT include HH:MM:SS when using date).

      It's the folder name that isn't using the right date.

      Here is an example. The following photos are stored on my archive drive. The correct date from 2004 is being taken from exif. But somewhere along the line something has touched the file and modified the Date Created and Date Modified.

      Click image for larger version

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      When I import with ACDSee the file structure is taken from the Date Modified field. Below I've done an import, and then opened the import tool again for the screenshot. While learning, I'm doing the import from a USB key so as not to accidentally mess up the originals.
      Click image for larger version

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      I can get around it by using a tool to reset all the dates from the exif prior to the import, but it would be easier if I could get ACDSee to take the date from the exif instead of the date modified field.

      In the above example at least everything has ended up in the same folder. But I can see a situation where if a single file in a set was modified prior to import, (perhaps tweaked/edited on the original device the next day), it could end up in a different folder all together.

      Am I doing this correctly? Or am I trying to shoehorn my old organisational structure into ACDSee?


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        I think I have the same issue using ultimate 10.

        I convert my raw files to dng, and when I import, they all go to the same date folder (based on when they were converted to dng), but the files are named correctly based on when they were actually taken.

        For example, if I take pics on 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4, then convert all those files to dng in a batch on 1-6, then import to ultimate 10. All files will go into a 2017 01 06 folder, but the files in that folder will be correctly named (2016 01 04 ..., 2016 01 05 ..., etc.)

        After import, I just create the correct folders and then move the files into the correct folders.



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          Hi. I have this issue as well. Is there a way to just put all files in a folder, and reimport once again to ACDSee? This will re-create all folders. Possible?


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            @ACDSEE support:

            ​Can you please explain what's the issue and how to get it resolved to import photos from device to the right folder with correct date (EXIF date, photo taken date, etc.)?


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              Hi. Due to moving files around, creating multiple backups here and there, I now have several duplicate files, some are named filename(2).jpg, filename(3).jpg. But all are the same copies. They have different modified dates, created dates. But when opening it with ACDSee, they are of the same exif date.

              I am now in the process of consolidating my pictures, before making multiple copies, as I'm confused with all the same copies with different names already. Is this feature available in Photo Studio Home 2020? Just bought it, haven't used it yet. I intend to do an import, so that it recreates the folder structure based on Exif date. I'm hoping it will not import same files names. I can deal with filename(2).jpg by searching for them, and deleting them instead later.