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Bulk Add Keywords to Multiple Photos?

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  • Bulk Add Keywords to Multiple Photos?

    Just bought ACDSee 17 and can't see a way to bulk add to IPTC the same Keywords to multiple photos. Surely there's a way?

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    You assign keywords in the Properties Pane -- Organize Tab (press Alt + Enter).
    First, select the multiple files you want to assign the same keyword to.
    Then, enter a new keyword and press enter, or click an existing keyword. That's it.
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      I don't think there is a way to add multiple keywords to the IPTC. The most they let you do is add keywords one at a time. The manual tells you how to do this without "applying" to each file individually, and if you click on the three dots "..." next to the IPTC keyword field, the pop-up has a section for applying to multiple selections, but that doesn't work since if you have multiple files selected, you can't get to the IPTC metadata screen. I reckon they do this so you can't apply ACDSee keywords to other catalog apps? I have over 22000 files keyworded and if I switch to say, lightroom I guess I would be adding keywords manually to each file.


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        Thanks, all, I ended up buying ACDSee Pro 7 to do this. Unfortunately it seems buggy in that it won't consistently export JPEGs with ALL their IPTC keywords.