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Do I have a problem? Categories vs Keywords?

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  • Do I have a problem? Categories vs Keywords?

    I have been using ACDsee for like 10 years and I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea what the difference between Categories and keywords is? I set up an entire series of unique categories representing all the areas I want to identify photos - IE family members, locations, events, etc. I don't use key words, I just assign categories to photos.

    ​But now I am starting pull photos into my video editing, and other tools and I find that the categories are NOT showing up in the Metadata files?

    ​Are categories NOT storied in Metadata? I assumed they were? Can I overcome this if needed?

    ​What is the difference between categories and keywords?

    Still a rookie...

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    Categories are ACDSee specific and not standard metadata so it is only stored in the database and ACDSee section of the image data.


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      Well that's not the answer I was hoping for. But makes sense now. Any way for me to "move" the info from ACDsee section to Metadata?


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        You may be able to copy metadata you've got in the ACDSee database to the file's exif by using the 'Embed ACDSee Metadata' function in Manage mode. This can be done for individual files or folders I think.

        Not sure whether it will do exactly what you want, but worth a try.


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          Here is another thread on Categories to Keywords that explains one way.
          OK I'm sure this has been asked some 1000 times, but I can't find it here. I have 40k photos with an extensive catalog tree with thousands of key words, I can find