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  • Categories vs Keywords

    I’m trying to get my head around the different cataloging options. Can somebody explain when best to use catagories vs keywords? I assume both can be embedded in EXIF?

    Also I understand that keywords can be organised is a hierarchical structure. There are some predefined keyword hierarchies available for importing into Lightroom. Is this also possible in ACDSee? If not, is there a simple way to create a hierarchy and which one would you recommend?

    Sorry this question is so unspecific, but I appreciate any help you can give.


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    I am a relatively new user, having participated in what I hope is a mass migration away from Lightroom. I have settled on using Categories when I know that I'll never want to "AND" groups of images together. For example, I use albums for holiday travel because I know what I'll never want to review photos from different trips at the same time. I use Keywords when such grouping might be necessary. My example here is from my birding photos. I have recreated the family of tree of birds in the keywords. One is called "Yellow-rumped Warbler" which has two sub-keywords, for "Myrtle" and "Audubon" varieties. This allows me to pull up ALL yellow-rumped warblers, yet allows me to look at sub-families individually. Hope this helps.


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      There is a discussion about this here,


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        Thanks for your comments and clarification. To follow up with a specific question: is it possible to import a list of keywords into ACDSee (e.g. ?