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  • Mapping keywords and description fields

    I'm new to ACDSee and have spent a fair time getting to know the program, but I'm hit a snag. When I apply keywords (from the Keyword tab or the Properties/Organize tab), or use the Set Caption (under the Edit menu) these insert the keyword or caption into ACDSee metadata section. Writing this to the file inserts embeds it but not in the normal Keywords or Description fields, as are used by (for example) Photoshop and all the other editing programs I have used. ACDSee inserts it into its own Schema (it can be viewed in the property tree using Bridge and no doubt other programs).

    I need to have the keywords in the keyword field, or they are useless to me (agreed: searching is possible using ACDSee, but my need is to keyword for agency use and working outside ACDSee as well as within it). Is there a way to map these to the keyword field when the metadata is embedded? Aside from anything else, so that they are visible in other programs?

    The Keywords can be edited directly in the IPTC Metadata View, but that gives up the neat keywording methods that ACDSee has coded for (and it's a pain to have to do so within such a small box - I'd even be happier if it could be expanded and applied to several files at once, just allowing me to type in the text for both keywords and Description).

    Is any of this possible?

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    I can answer part of my own question in case it helps someone else. With this DAM it is not possible to use the dedicated Keyword or Caption sections and have the entries added to Keyword or Description, the industry standard locations. This is only possible with the higher offerings, which can be mapped to these fields (but of course they cost more and add other features, such as photo editing). It's a shame, though, that this feature is not considered part of a DAM when, to me, it is a core requirement.

    Notably, the text describing features for all three programs is identical with respect to the DAM and the video showing the the use of Photo Studio Standard is shot in Ultimate, so spotting features you wish to make use of isn't necessarily going to work. There is nowhere letting the user know that the Standard is in this way crippled, compared with the DAM portion of the other programs.