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    Hi all,

    My apologies if you have already answered this but I couldn't find any reference when I searched. I have just recently purchased ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2018. I am trying to get myself familiar with the program. I have been able to add keywords to my .jpg images on the IPTC tab. I do however have some other type of files (eps, wmv, mp4) that I would like to add keywords to and see that ACDSee Metadata is the only tab available. I can type in a Caption, Author, Notes and Label but the Keyword field is grayed out.


    1) Is there anyway to add keywords so when I do a search I can have these file types included in the search?

    2) Where is the ACDSee Metadata saved? Because if I understand it, IPTC where I add keywords to embed into the file, EXIF is embedded information about camera that took the image and the ACDSee Metadata allows you to add keywords to file formats other than bitmap (tiff, jpg, bmp, etc). Correct?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Found answer to Question #1. When I had the eps file selected I clicked on the Organize tab at the bottom of the Properties Pane. When you type in the Keywords field there and hit enter they appear in the Keywords field on the Metadata tab.

    Question #2 - Never mind because after I added the keywords through the above process a dialogue box came up when I went to close the program and explained it. It creates a file in the same folder as the original file but with a .xmp added to the end (original file name - filename.eps, additional file name - filename.eps.xmp). So DO NOT erase these files.

    I hope this helps someone.