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Requested Feature: Sequencing of videos within your photo export folder

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  • Requested Feature: Sequencing of videos within your photo export folder

    I used to be a Picasa user and recently decided to look for a new photo management system.

    One of the most compelling reasons that drove me to selecting ACDSee Pro was its ability to gather photos from many folders on my computer into an album, then reorder the photos within the album, add captions to the photos so that they tell a story, and then batch export the photos to a new folder with a prepended sequence number. This way, when alphabetically sorted under Windows File Explorer, the photos would appear in the sequence that I sorted them in the album. (The reason I do this is because I can upload this set of photo files to almost any display application – I lately have been using Facebook albums - and once uploaded, the photos are in the sequence I desire!)

    This works great with ACDSee Pro!

    HERE IS WHAT IS MISSING WITH ACDSEE: I also like to sequence my videos within my album. ACDSee permits this. BUT the batch export function does not work if a video is selected. I’m requesting for ACDSee to add this support. I’m not asking for any manipulation of the video other than prepending the video filename so that it fits in the sequence of photos in the export folder.

    Picasa does have this ability and I found it very useful. I assume there are many others that would also find this useful. I can’t imagine that this feature would be very complicated to implement.

    Thanks for your attention!
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  • AdkMike
    I've figured out how to do this with ACDSee!

    I described my workflow in another thread - post number 8 - at this link:
    I'm coming from Picasa, RIP Picasa, and I've started recreating my albums in ACDSee 9 Pro and had a terrible thought that I'm going it wrong; with around 160

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