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multiple action to add text on photo from IPTC decription

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  • multiple action to add text on photo from IPTC decription

    Hi All

    Is there a way to add as a text on photo the IPTC description in multiple image at a time?


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    This indeed is possible with the batch edit feature of Pro and Ultimate versions.

    - Edit the IPTC description of your images
    - In manage mode select all images you want to add text overlays to
    - Type CTRL-SHIFT-B to open the batch edit dialogue
    - In operations, select "Text Overlay"
    - Click the button with triangle at right hand side of the text box containing the text "Sample text"
    - Select "Insert Metadata"
    - In the properties dialogue that pops up, select "IPTC/Content/Description"
    - Back in batch edit dialogue set all other options as needed
    - Finish the dialogue and watch AC running the job


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      Hi Sarah,

      You can also create a action and then apply the saved action to multiple files in the manage mode.

      - Select one image and enter into the edit mode
      - Click the "Record new Action" button to start the recording of this action
      - click Text tool and then click the "Ins" button (short for insert), and then choose Insert Metadata..
      - Navigate to IPTC > Content and check "Description". Click OK
      - Click Done
      - Click Stop Recording and save that action with a name

      Now, in the manage mode, and then select multiple images to apply the action you saved.

      For more information about the action feature, please have the user guide at

      ACD Customer Care team


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        Yepp, should look into the newer features of AC more often.

        However, adding different meta data as text to images most likely needs some try and error. Good old batch editing not only allows to save a procedure, it also allows to edit and fine tune it. Afaik actions do not.