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Can latest version cope with network adapter switches?

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  • Can latest version cope with network adapter switches?

    I currently have ACDSee 18 installed in my laptop (Microsoft Surface Pro 4). I only use it for image browsing/viewing; photo processing I leave that to Adobe Lightroom to handle the job (on my desktop). For most part ACDSee 18 does what it's supposed to do just fine. Provided I stick to one network adapter.

    When I'm seated at my desk, the USB hub I connect to includes a USB-to-Ethernet gigabit network adapter, which obviously becomes my networking route of choice. When I'm on the move, it naturally falls back to the wireless network adapter. Since most of my images are on file servers or other computers, ACDSee 18 does not appear to like this at all; it could go comatose and non-responsive on network adapter switch (Windows 10 also conversely shuts down the wireless adapter when the Ethernet adapter becomes available). This is especially so if browsing into packed-up images in zip/rar archives. The program does not seem to realise the change in networking circumstances, and thereby does not attempt a re-connection and re-read via the available connection. Sometimes even typing in remote server path \\REMOTECOMPUTER\path\ will end "not found" error even when it is perfectly accessible. The only thing to do is always to kill the existing acdsee.exe process and launch a new process that is aware of the "new environment".

    My question is whether the latest version - ACDSee Photo Studio 2018 (?) - is much smarter dealing with this problem on its own? I honestly don't feel like upgrading unless it knows how to re-initiate network connections with remote file servers.

    A side less-important question is whether the latest version can now properly read into zip/rar archive packages with foreign language characters?
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    icelava - I suspect that these are really questions for ACD Tech Support. Their link is below.


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      I'm not asking for support as I am asking the community those who are using the latest version; whether they can view remote images and archives without it going comatose on network adapter switches (supposing they have similar usage patterns to mine).
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