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Simple exporting of pictures for posting online?

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  • Simple exporting of pictures for posting online?

    I'm looking to replace Picasa. Picasa has a feature I use ALL the time. You can easily select a picture and export it, with options for changing the output resolution.

    As in, export a very high res picture as just 640x480 (or whatever). From there I can post those lower res pictures for online forum posts. The export folder is not part of my Picasa folders.

    Is there a way to duplicate this process as easily in ACDSee? I'm not seeing it.

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    Look under: Tools > Batch > Export. And yes, it is initially a little bit hard to find. I'm so used to the shortcut keys (Ctl + Alt +E) that it took me a while to find it on the menu.


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      I get to the same place LV_Bill does, but a bit differently... Here is a few ways that I tend to use that don't use the main menu

      ​Manage Mode > [select_one_or_more_images] > Rt. Click > Batch Export

      ​Manage Mode > [select_one_or_more_images] > (Cntrl + Alt + E)

      ​View Mode > Rt. Click on image > Batch Export

      ​View Mode > (Cntrl + Alt + E)

      ​To make this work well, it is good practice to have export presets setup to select from when you are in the export dialog. It is possible to have a preset for any resolution or file format.