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Applying effects on multiple range of pictures.

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  • Applying effects on multiple range of pictures.

    Is it possible in ACDSee Standard (or other) to apply editing filters on range of selected pictures? Why in Menu -> Batch only few editing options are available? I can i.e. massively apply only resize or rotate. It's too few. Those operations are part of Editing. So why there are no all the Edit options possible in Batch? I.e. - can I somehow select 100 pictures and apply Sepia instead clicking one by one?

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    Option 1
    Develop Mode: Make changes to an image....
    Manage Mode: Rt. Click Image > Process > Copy Settings
    Manage Mode: Select multiple images > Process > Paste Settings

    Option 2
    Manage Mode: Create preset > select multiple images > Rt. Click Image > Batch > Batch Develop > Select preset
    Limited only to the number of presets that you can make... OF course one of those presets could be Sepia

    Option 3
    Manage Mode > Select Multiple Images > R. Click > ACDSee Actions > [pick an action]
    If Sepia (or whatever action doesn't exist, you can create your own action.