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  • Functionality in Editions or Versions

    Hi, I have ACDSee Photo Studio 2, pretty happy with it, but I have a couple of simple operations I don’t seem to be able to perform. Maybe they are available in different editions, and I’m happy to upgrade if so, but it seems pretty opaque what is included in what version.

    I’d like to be able to change the IPTC Title, Description & Keywords on multiple photos, but I get the response “the fields in this view are not supported by the selected files”. I can do this with Windows Explorer, so it seems mighty strange I can not do it in a paid for utility.

    I’d like to view all my Keywords, and then view the photos attached to a particular Keyword. It seems I have to know a Keyword, before I can view the photos it’s linked to. Reason for this is where I have made mistakes, and entered Lndon instead of London for example, I’d like to see all my keywords, so I can retrofit errors.

    Any help much appreciated.
    Thanks, Nigel