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  • Multiselection in Photos Mode

    Hi, I am currently evaluating ACDsee Photo Studio Standard to see if it can replace the discontinued Picasa for me.

    In particular, I am looking for a folder-independent overview of all pictures, because my photos are organized in on disk in different per-camera folders, but I still want to manage all photos taken in a particular timespan at once. I was happy to find the "Photos Mode", which seems to be exactly what I was looking for - except I was staggered to find that I can't select multiple photos/consecutive ranges of photos in this mode. Also, I can't add images to the "basket" in this mode, nor add them to a collection.

    How would you select all photos of a given date range, no matter where they are located on disk in ACDSee, then? And what's the purpose of the "Photos Mode", when you can select only a single image, and then have to go back to "manage mode" in order to do anything useful with that image?

    Can anybody help me find a Picasa-like workflow in ACDSee, where I could fluidly scroll through my (quite large) photo collection, easily select ranges of photos, and manage them (tag/add to collection/share...)? I still think I'm missing something about the "Photos Mode" - if I could actually do stuff with the photos there, it would be great.

    Thank you!