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Saving Layout And Docking Panes

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  • Saving Layout And Docking Panes

    I got a new machine, but upon reinstalling ACDSee, I can't recreate my layout. I can float panes where I want them, but not dock them. I used to have my Favorites on top left. Folders underneath. Next to them the main viewing pane. Then the Preview pane docked on the right. Now, the Preview pane is either docked in the middle between the Folders/Favorites and main, or cover sup some Folders/Pics when floating on the right. The Folders pane is also only floatable. Is there anyway to save my old layout and import it onto my new computer?
    if not how do I dock my panes where I want them?

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    To unfloat panels, drag them onto main ACDSee window. Visual helpers appear that aid in finding correct position in the window.


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      Thanks. That solve my problem.