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Can ACDSee hide RAW files?

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  • Can ACDSee hide RAW files?

    I am evaluating ACDSee Standard 2019 to see whether it will work for me and my wife. I currently use Lightroom for organization and light-duty editing, and Photoshop Elements for more advanced editing. I keep my photos on a Linux server with a shared network drive. My wife would like access to my photos, but she's not a photo enthusiast. Lightroom has too much of a learning curve for her. I'm looking for a photo management program that is easier to use. The problem with ACDSee (and with a couple of other photo management programs that I've looked at) is that it shows both RAW and JPG files. I have my camera set to save each image in both formats. Lightroom is smart enough to only show one icon for each image. But ACDSee shows me two icons. This will confuse my wife. I would only like her to just see the JPG files. Is there a setting to turn off display of the RAW files?

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    I have the same question about hiding raw. i don't do a lot of raw editing but would like to go back to the raw in the future if needed. its nice to get the clutter away unless i intend to fix it


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      You can go to Group and select File type.