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update from ACDSee viewer 3.1 - only want a viewer, not photo editing - what to buy?

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  • update from ACDSee viewer 3.1 - only want a viewer, not photo editing - what to buy?

    Hi, I have an older version of ACDSee, version 3.1, and I use it for viewing jpgs in folders, only.

    I dont need a photo editor, I have photoshop for that.

    I'd like to upgrade my ACDSee viewer, in hopes that perhaps the image quality viewing text in jpgs might have improved.

    Is there a more recent simple stand-alone viewer available, such as the older 3.1 - or is everything now a photo editor?

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    Hello Rob2,

    I suggest you checkout ACDSee 2019 Standard. You can download the 30 day trial and see if it will fit you needs.

    The creative photography, digital asset management, and distribution needs of the practical amateur are answered in a singular application.


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      I still use ACDSee 3.1 to view folders of images, mainly because it remains quite fast. The menus are intuitive and it has a minimalist interface. Later versions include things I don't need or want and the user interface is less friendly. It suffers from an inability to render all GIF files properly which is less troublesome in WIN10 but still buggy. It has one issue with WIN10 with folder deletion that can be worked around. I saw the reported Font issue and hope it won't happen on my next Win rebuild. It's a pity that there will never be a ACDSee 3.2 that tackles the bugs. Competitive pressures force movement to feature bloat I still have licenses for several other ACDSee products and recently upgraded to the latest super Pro version for the new features. Should Win updates force me away from ACDSee 3.1, I'll use IRFanView despite it's difficult user interface.